10 Easiest Living Room Accent Wall Ideas To Enhance You Space

You won’t need an accent wall in your living room, so it will be fine until you do. Take these 10 living room accent wall ideas design and make it sing!

First, let me explain what an accent wall is. An accent wall is in total contrast to the other walls in space yet works harmoniously with them. A living room accent wall can add some character to the space.

There is no standard way to design accent walls. But it should be different from all other walls. Depending on your living area layout, your accent wall may be light or dark depending on its color. You can make your living room stand out with these Accent Wall Idea for living room.

What is an accent wall ?

An accent wall, a proven decor idea, is different from other walls in a room. While it’s an easy DIY interior design element, you can always ask a professional for one. It’s a good idea to try it if you need a change but doesn’t want to make a major renovation.

While any wall can be made into an accent or gallery wall, it’s best to avoid using the first wall when entering a space, foyer, or room. It would help if you worked with a blank, unadorned wall without windows or doors. Or a wall with an architectural element or focal points such as a built-in fireplace or decorative canvas. You can choose the best living room accent wall ideas.

Design an Accent Wall that is Budget-Friendly

Accent walls can be a cost-effective way to improve your space.

The peel-and-stick wallpaper is an excellent choice for anyone who rents or doesn’t want to commit to a permanent style. These wallpapers don’t require water or paste and won’t stick to your walls.

You will find many wallpaper designs, including animals and florals, stripes, and stacked stone patterns. Fake shiplap wallpaper can also be found.

Consider wallpapering accent walls in foyers, guest bathrooms, and kitchens. Horizontal stripes on an accent wall can make a small area feel bigger, while vertical stripes give a visual lift to a low ceiling.

Decorate your walls with decorative wall panels. Reclaimed wood panels are available in coastal grays and browns; driftwood browns, black, and muted highlights for a farmhouse or rustic look. You have many options for wall paneling, including faux brick and faux-stacked stone.

living room accent wall ideas

A textured accent wall is what you are looking for. Textured, removable wallpaper can be used to accent your wall. You can either paint it in matching or contrasting color. This wallpaper can hide imperfections and can even be painted again when needed. Paintable wallpapers come in various materials, including bark, stucco (linen), stucco, and tile.

Glass wall tiles are great for accent decor. These tiles can be more expensive than stencils and paint but give a space an elegant, high-end look. You can fit them into any budget if you only tile a single wall. You can make your kitchen more modern by adding glossy white subway tiles or matchstick tiles to one bathroom wall. Glass mosaic tiles look great on a kitchen backsplash or wall.

Wall Decals or Stencils are easy and quick ways to design a wall. The neutral color palette is timeless and in fashion. However, you can also use bright colors as stencils. Look for geometric designs, quotes, florals, cityscapes, or other urbanscapes. A seashell-patterned beach cottage is a nice addition, and sports logos make a good addition to a home bar or man cave. A stencil train can create alphabet letters in a kid’s playroom. Many stencils are washable and can be repurposed.

How can an accent wall be used to decorate a living room?

The accent walls be used in a living room to decorate them.

Hanging plates, hats, or ceramics can be attached to vertical surfaces. Displays like these can be easily updated and are much more affordable than complete redecoration.

There is a growing trend to use textured walls. In addition to polished concrete surfaces, molded plaster panel in variety o shapes and patterns is also on the rise. They can be lit in various directions and look great in contemporary settings.

1. Accent Wall 3D art

Do you want your accent walls to look trendy with minimal effort? 3D wall artwork can help you achieve this look. A combination of 3D art with wallpaper can create an impressive effect in the living space. The wall art, in the shades of brown and gold, blends seamlessly with the furniture in this living area it is the living room accent wall color ideas

2. Patterned Wallpaper as Living Room Accent Wall Design

Gorgeous wallpaper can do a lot for a space. Patterned wallpaper is a good idea for a living area accent wall. You can make a statement wall with wallpaper and picture frames.

3. The paneled Accent Walls for Your Living Room

Textures can be used as accent walls if you aren’t keen to play with colors. You can use the wall against which you place your TV unit as an accent wall in your living area. Wooden panels provide structure and dimension.

4. Accent Wall Paint Color

A different color can make the accent wall stand out in a room. Pastel-colored paint works well as an accent wall in a living room you can choose living room accent wall ideas. Pastels go well with lighter neutral shades and make a living area appear larger and more spacious.

5. Dark Wall With Mouldings

Dark accent walls in the living room add depth to spaces. This modern apartment design is elegant and royal, thanks to the accent wall’s choice of color. Beautiful wall moldings enhance this space. The geometric wall art is minimalistic and sharp, and it brings together the design of this living room.

6. A Bricked Wall

An exposed brick wall is another way to use texture as an accent wall. The texture creates a rustic backdrop that is modern and stylish. You will have your guests talking for hours about the wall and the entire decor.

7. A Chequered Wall

Sometimes, an accent wall can be made from just one component. It is both subtle and elegant, with its chequered texture wall design. It matches the neutral colors and warm lighting in this living area perfectly.

8. Natural Inspired Wall Art Texture and Focus Lighting

The suspended swing chair is the highlight of this living room accent wall ideas. The accent wall cleverly highlights the unique feature of the interior design in this living area. The accent wall is darkened with lights that focus on the chair.

9. Elegant Living Room Wall Accent Wall

This traditional-style living room features an elegant accent wall. Floral wallpaper highlights the corner that houses the combined seating/dining area. The corner accent wall provides a great background for the gold curtains or an ornate light fixture.

10. A Modern Chalkboard Accent wall

This chalkboard-inspired accent wall is fun and brightens up a living area that is modern and lively. The contrast between the dark paint and the plain walls in this living area is striking.

Accent walls for living rooms are a wonderful way to bring your personality into your space. Accent walls allow for creativity in decorating, and there’s no rule about what wall should be used as an accent wall.

You may not know this, but the ceiling can be made into an accent wall. Which of these ideas inspired you?

FAQ : 10 best accent wall living room

Q1. how many function walls are way too many?

Ans : For visual influence, attribute walls are taken into consideration best conserved. A lot of function walls as well as you can overload the senses rather than producing passion.
If you are intending to develop greater than one feature wall in or outside your residence, consider making use of the very same material or shade to create a cohesive visual.

Q2. how to pick a color for your feature wall surface?

Ans : When picking a shade for your attribute wall make use of the inside or exterior coatings, appearances as well as colors as living room accent wall ideas. Flooring, walling, soft furnishings, art work and landscape can additionally assist educate the shade of your wall surface.

Q3. where should I set up an attribute wall surface?

Ans : There are several areas, throughout, that can gain from a properly designed function wall. Popular locations consist of a living room, entry, poolside and alfresco locations. Often the attribute wall surface place is selected where there is architectural value such an intriguing angle, fireplace, swimming pool or integrated shelving.

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