How To Get Floor Plans Of My House : 8 Simple Ways Must Try !

Do you want to renovate your house and need a floor plan? If yes, you must be wondering how to get  floor plans of my house. Fortunately, you can get floor plans from various sources like municipality offices, builders, real estate agents, and many more.

It helps visualize your house and communicate better with the Interior designer and contractor. The professionals will be able to locate your house’s existing wiring system and many more things, which will help lessen expensive errors during construction and design work.

The article discusses about the importance of floor plans and how to get them for your house. So, keep scrolling through this article to learn more about different ways of getting a home’s floor plan.

What Are Floor Plans?

Floor plans are two-dimensional drawings of the property. The drawing will let you understand the relationship between every room in the house.

The floor plan should include the following things.

  • You can find the location of different rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space and their dimensions.
  • Location of doors and windows. Simultaneously the floor plan should indicate the height and width of the doors and windows and the direction they face.
  • It indicates the location of significant furniture like a couch and dining table.
  • The floor plan helps to plot space for the refrigerator, oven, and other appliances.

What Are The Advantages Of Getting a Floor Plan Of A House?

The benefits of getting a floor plan are numerous. You can make the design according to your dream. So, let’s discuss a few uses.

1. Contain All The Required Details

A floor plan comprises all the required details like the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom location. It includes doors, windows, and furniture lay, which help visualize your house.

2. Guide

The floor plan will be a guide for the construction workers. They will use this plan and try to build the house according to the dimensions described in the plan. You can even compare the measurements and other things mentioned in the paper after the completion of the house and then pay the final amount.

3. Less Error Scope

The floor plan helps reduce construction errors, and you can easily make changes in the plan according to the execution of the building design.

The floor plan makes the construction process fast, significantly reducing time and money.

4. Client Satisfactory

The floor plan is the only proof of the project by which you can verify the building design.

How To Get Floor Plans Of My House?

You have purchased an existing house and want to renovate it. But, unfortunately, you don’t have a floor plan for that house. The plan is essential during the renovation because it helps you know which walls bear more weight, the wiring system, and many more. 

how to get floor plans of my house

You need to invest time and effort to either locate the floor plan or prepare a floor plan for the existing house. 

We are discussing below a few ways to get the floor plan of the existing house.

1. Visit the Local Municipality Office

You can visit the local municipality office if you need a floor plan for your property. The municipality office usually keeps records of the building for many years. 

So, there is a high possibility of getting a floor plan, But if your building is old, it may take months to get a floor plan from the local municipality office. 

However, don’t be disappointed. You must talk to authorities about the documents you submit to get the floor plan. Once you submit all the necessary documents, there is a high possibility of getting a copy of the floor plan of our house.

2. Contact Realtor

Contacting your realtor can be a way to get the floor plan easily. The realtors work for various buildings and know the housing pattern in your locality. Houses with the same floor plan save both time and money. However, your home can vary in the master plan of your location.

3. Neighbors

You need to talk to the neighbors about the need for a floor plan for your house. There is a reason why various houses in your street look similar. Your neighbor’s house may be designed by the same person who built your house.

 Walk through your neighbor’s house to learn details about the house plan. If you find your house is the mirror image of your neighbor’s and there are slight differences in finishing, ask them about the floor plan copies or the builder’s name.

4. Contact Public Officials

Public officials usually know about the building constructed in your locality. The builders first take permission from public officials and then start construction work or remodel any house. They submit the building’s floor plan and elevation drawings to the Building Inspector’s office in your town. So, contact the building inspector authority of your town to get the floor plan.

5. Contact The Original Builder Or Architect

You can get a floor plan for your house by contacting the original builder or architect. But if your home is built 75-100 years, then it must be challenging to contact an architect. But if you are lucky or have contact with the builder, you can easily get the floor plan from him.

You should also check the mortgage paperwork for the floor plan. Most builders keep copies of the floor plans on file.

6. Historical plan book

You need to look historical plan book. It would be helpful if your house were built at the start of the 20th century.

Various home in America was built by referring to the historical plan book. So, these books may help you to know about the floor plan.

Again in the late 20th century, most house plans were advertised in local newspapers and on the internet. You can check these advertisements to find out the house plan of your house.

7. Fire Insurance Maps

You can locate the fire insurance maps in the city hall of your locality. Some fire insurance maps are dated back to the 1870s.

These maps will help you to know the construction material used on your house. Sometimes fire maps will give you a detailed description, like the shape of the building and the location of doors and windows. Compare it with google maps.

8. Hire An Architect

You can hire an architect or a structural engineer to make the floor plan of the existing house.

A Few Final Words

Floor plan s quite important during renovation work. But if you purchased a house from the early 20th century, you may need a floor plan.

Well, you don’t need to worry about it. There are various ways to get a floor plan, like checking historical books or contacting real estate, neighbors, or municipality offices. If you still need the floor plan, it’s best to recruit an Engineer or architect who will make the floor plan of the old house, and then you can start your renovation. Thank you for reading this article.

FAQ : How To Get Floor Plan Of My House

Q1. How can I get a free floor plan?

Ans : There are some floor plan software that are available for free. We are —- listing them below.
– AutoCAD Architecture
– Autodesk Civil 3D
– Room sketcher
– Roomle
– Floor planner

Q2. Where do I get a copy of my house plans in Pretoria?

Ans : The property owner must send all required documents to the Local development management district office hub. Once the owner pays the fees, the application will be processed accordingly. The owner can pay fees by various means like debit cards, credit cards, and many more.

Q3. Where can I find original house plans in Australia?

Ans : You can get original house plans of commercial or residential buildings from the State Library or powerhouse Museum.

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