26 Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

Most people don’t give much importance to decorating their bathroom. But remember bathroom is the most important place in your dwelling. It is the palace where you spend just after waking up in the morning and getting ready to go to your office. 

Simultaneously after a tiring day, you get into the bathroom to freshen up. So, spending your valuable hours in the bathroom must be well decorated to give you a relaxing effect.

Remember, decorating with so many things can look cluttered if you have a small bathroom. So you need to have a few decor things in your small bathroom, which will give a modern and relaxing touch to the bathroom. 

One of the recent trends which most homeowners follow is the rustic style. A rustic style in your bathroom can create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

The article discusses small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget. So, keep reading this article to learn some of the best rustic bathroom ideas which you can implement on your small bathroom.

What Are The 26 Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas On A Budget?

Creating a rustic view in the bathroom within a small budget is quite challenging. But if you implement the right idea, spending less money can be done. 

We have discussed 26 small Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas On a Budget. Let’s look at them below.

1. Hang Rustic Bathroom Mirror

You can hang a rustic wood frame mirror on the blue color vanity area of your bathroom. Keep the sink countertop wooden Paints the walls of the bathroom white color. You can keep an indoor plant on the sink countertop for good vibes and hang a light pendant just above the vanity area. Lay a white color rug in the same area. This idea will create more warmth and a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

2. Hang A Ladder

You can hang a wooden ladder shelf in your bathroom to create a rustic look. You can keep things organized by keeping this wooden shelf. You can keep one or two indoor plants on one shelf to create a positive vibe in the bathroom. It even makes your bathroom look attractive. You can even keep some toilet paper roll holders on the same shelf.

Keep some folded towels and scented candles on the second shelf. Hang a towel on the last row and complete the wooden shelf look.

3. Add Some Wooden Boards

You may have some old wooden boards. Just combine them and create a unique way to hang a simple mirror near the vanity. Hang three pendant lights just above the mirror to give a nice look to your bathroom. You can keep the vanity completely white and lay a white and brown strip rug on the floor.

Moreover, hang two small wooden shelves just above the toilet. You can keep towels and an indoor or artificial plant on the first shelf. Simultaneously keep toilet paper rolls and other things on the second shelf. 

4. Hang jar Lights Above Wooden Frame Mirror

You can hang three jar lights just above the large wooden frame mirror. Make the sink countertop wooden, and you can keep some nicely woven pots with indoor plants on the countertop.

small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

Hang some nicely quoted sentences with wooden frames on the walls. Hang it in such a way that the mirror can reflect the quotes. It will give a rustic and modern look to your bathroom.

5. Black Iron And Wooden Shelves

You can hang two wooden wall shelves on your bathroom’s white walls, which are supported by black iron. You can keep a few essentials like black towels or scented candles to have a good fragrance in your bathroom.

6. Nice Quote Written On Wooden Boards

You can have wooden boards lying somewhere in your house. You can attach some wooden boards horizontally in your bathroom and write some favorite quotes to give a nice look to your bathroom.

7. Black Metal Wire Organizer With Wooden Countertop

You can keep a black metal wire organizer with a wooden countertop. The black metal wire organizer can have two shelves. On the first bin, you can keep folded bathroom towels; on another shelf, you can keep the rolled toilet paper. 

You can keep one or two indoor plants or some decor items on the wooden countertop.

8. Make Toilet paper Tree

You can collect a big tree branch and use it as a toilet paper holder in your bathroom. The metallic water will support the big tree branch, and you can hang toilet paper on each branch. The toilet paper tree will look fabulous in your garden. Simultaneously keep a metallic waste bin on the side of the toilet. This arrangement will create a rustic look for your bathroom.

9. Grey Blue

You don’t have to spend much money to have a rustic view in your bathroom. You can paint the cabinets in your vanity area grey and blue. Add some old wooden boards on the sides of the mirror. You can change the cabinet’s hardware to give a different look to your bathroom. Keep one indoor plant and a small metallic bin on the sink countertop. You can keep some bathroom towels in the metallic bin.

10. Herringbone pattern Wood Flooring

You can have hardwood floors in your bathroom. It is an excellent option as they are durable and look attractive. You can lay hardwood in a herringbone pattern in your bathroom. Keep the rest of the decor simple. For instance, you can paint the walls grey and white and keep some flower pots on the sink countertop. It will create an elegant and rustic look in your bathroom.

11. Woven baskets And Wooden Board

You can hang two woven brown baskets on the white tiles of your bathroom. You can keep towels in one basket, and in the other, you can keep some decor items or a few essential things you may require in the bathroom.

 Simultaneously keep another brown woven basket on the toilet flush of your bathroom. Keep some folded towels on that woven basket.

 Hang a wooden frame board where quotes can be written regarding toilet paper. You can keep this wooden frame board just on the side of the vanity mirror.

12. Wooden Tray

You may have an old wooden tray in your house. You can keep it in your bathroom to create a rustic vibe. Keep everything white on the wooden tray to look beautiful. For instance, you can keep a soap dispenser, a small clock, a tissue paper holder, and a pot with a plant of white color to make your bathroom attractive.

13. Wooden Towel Rack And Wooden Mirror Frame

You can add a mirror frame to your vanity area with wooden frames. Next, you can add a wooden towel rack to your bathroom to create a rustic vibe on your bathroom.

14. Add metallic And Wooden Slim Shelf

You can add metallic and wooden slim shelves on your mirror will look good in your bathroom. You can keep various decor items like scented candles and many more on the wooden shelves.

Add a wooden board on the vanity area where you can write some beautiful sentences on the side of the vanity mirror. The mirror frame and faucets in your bathroom can be of metal.

15. Steel Pipes And Wooden Shelf

You can paint dark rose gold color walls on your bathroom, but the bottom can comprise white subway tiles. You can hang two wooden shelves in your bathroom. 

You can fix the first wooden shelf at a large height to keep a flower vase and other decor items on it, and the next wooden frame can be used for two purposes, i.e., as a shelf and towel rack. You can keep some storage things on the shelf, and on a towel rack, you can hang towels. The pipes in your bathroom can be made from steel.

16. Barn Door With Concrete Sink

Adding a barn door to your bathroom can give it a modern look to your bathroom. Simultaneously the floors and ceiling of your bathroom should be made up of wood. The mirrors in the vanity area can have wooden frames. The sink and countertop of the vanity area can be made from concrete. Keep a flower vase and soap dispenser on the concrete countertop.

17. Wooden ladder And Table

You may have an old table lying somewhere in your house. If you want rustic bathroom decor, you can use the top of the Table as a sink countertop. Do you have shelves on that Table? If yes, you can keep two woven baskets on the first shelf. 

Keep toilet paper rolls on one wooden basket and in another; you can keep folded towels. Next, on the second shelf of the Table, you can keep all the essential things required in the bathroom.

So, the Table serves two purposes -the first is a sink, and the other is storage. You can add wooden panels to the walls of your bathroom and paint them light blue to have a fresh look. 

Keep a small wooden ladder on the side of the vanity area where you can hang towels. You can fix a white frame mirror on the vanity area. Keep the flower vase and soap dispenser on the sink countertop.

18. Combine Stone And Wood

You can have wooden planks on the two third of the walls of your bathroom. The rest of your bathroom’s walls can be made of brown and grey stones. The ceiling of the bathroom can also be made from wood. Simultaneously you can have bronze and copper fixtures and wood lightning pendants in the bathroom. This idea is going to create a rustic look for your entire bathroom.

19. Wood Frame Mirror With Storage

You can have a wooden frame mirror with a small box for storage. You can use a few essential things like perfume or powder for a quick touch-up while leaving your bathroom. Keep a flower on the storage to add a feminine design to the entire bathroom.

20. Mosaic Accent Wall

The cherry red wooden planks in your bathroom will go best with a marble countertop. The sink can be made from stone. Two soft lights can be placed on two sides of the wooden frame mirror in the bathroom’s vanity area.

 The accent wall, i.e., the wall on the vanity area, can be made from the mosaic. A rustic spout on the vanity area will go well with the design.

21. Have Wood Grain Countertops

People usually make sink countertops of stone. But you can make wooden countertops to give a nice rustic look to your bathroom. 

Simultaneously make the vanity cupboards and mirror frames also of wood. You can hang a wire shelf on the walls where you can keep folded towels and other essential things.

22. Use Copper Fixtures

Think of using fixtures, decor items, and light fixtures of copper. It will bring a rustic style to your bathroom.

23. Combine Natural Stone With Rought Cut Wood

You can use natural stone on one bathroom wall and combine it with roughly cut wood. Use also roughly cut wood on the ceiling of the bathroom. These two combinations can give a rustic view to your bathroom.

24. Combine Different Textures

No rule says you can use only wood or stones in a bathroom to have a rustic view. You can combine rustic wood, stones, and tiles in your small bathroom to create a beautiful rustic view. The mirror can be made of wooden frames, and the sink countertop can be made from stone. The lower cabinets of the vanity area can be made from wood. Use black metallic fixtures all around the bathroom to create a modern look.

25. Checker Board Tiles

You can have checkerboard tiles in your small bathroom. Simultaneously the wall of the bathroom can consist of stone. Paint the walls white in color.

26. Use Large Mirrors

Are you using a lot of wood in your small bathroom? If yes, then a lack of light can create a dull view. So, you need to hang a large mirror in your small bathroom to make the room light and attractive.


We have discussed above some of the best small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget. You can choose any of the above ideas and implement them in your small bathroom to create a rustic style.

We thank you for reading this article, and if possible, you can post some pictures of your small bathroom if you have implemented any of the ideas discussed above.

FAQ : Small Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

Q1. Which colors make a small bathroom look bigger?

Ans : Using lighter colors in your bathroom, like white, pastel blue, or yellow, can expand your bathroom. But if you use darker colors like brown and green, it can make the bathroom feel smaller.

Q2. What is a rustic bathroom?

Ans : The rustic bathroom uses outdoor beauty to create a nice and modern look. For instance, you can use stones on the walls, wooden cabinets, and barn doors or use fixtures consisting of copper to create a rustic look.

Q3. Which kind of flooring is good for a small bathroom?

Ans : You can use porcelain or ceramic tile on the floors of your small bathroom. The best are available in different colors and patterns. You need to choose them and add them to your bathroom floors.

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