30 Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget : Creative & Budget Friendly

A small bathroom is challenging to decorate because of the small space and less light. It becomes challenging when you want the decor within less budget. 

But, if you choose an appropriate style wisely, your small bathroom can look fabulous.

The article discusses small bathroom ideas on a budget. So, keep reading this article to learn some of the best ideas by which you can decorate your small bathroom and give it a wow look.

What Are The 30 Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget?

1. Invest On Low Price Sanitary Ware

A low price sanitary ware will do the same job as that of high price sanitary ware. So, if you have a small bathroom and have less budget, invest in low-price sanitary ware for your bathroom.

You can get a round, stylish wash basin and bathroom fittings at a low price. Try to buy and install it in your bathroom to give it a good look. But try to spend more money on toilet flush systems to prevent future problems.

2.Combine Toilet And Vanity Unit In Your Bathroom

Most people think a small bathroom is a curse, and they cannot make it stylish or enhance its look. But in reality, it is different. The most benefit of a small bathroom is that you can give it a wow look by spending less money on a few things.

However, you need good ideas to make your small bathroom look attractive. One great idea is to combine toilet and vanity units. You will save both space and money by combining both units.

3. Use The Corners Of The Bathroom Properly

Most people neglect corner spaces in their living room and bedroom. But corners space can make a huge impact on the overall beauty of the room. 

However, if the room is large and you have so many decorative spaces in your room, then you can neglect corner spaces. But if the room is small, you must focus on corners. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, you can have an offset quadrant shower enclosure to have a luxurious look.

4. Keep The Bathroom Floor Space Free

You have a small bathroom. So you need to utilize the walls for furniture and fixtures. In this way, your bathroom will look large and stylish.

5.Paint Your Bathroom Walls

You can paint the walls of your bathroom with a new color to give it a new look. For instance, you can paint the walls of the wash basin area with powdered clay color. The wash basin can be small and of blue color. Hang a mirror on the wall. It will give an elegant look to your bathroom.

6.Think Of Compact Storage

Storage is quite essential in a small bathroom. You can have a slimline vanity unit with storage below it. Try to have a triple-wall unit just above the slimline vanity unit o keep essential things.

 Fix a mirror on the triple wall unit for proper grooming, makeup, and getting ready for the office. You can also have a slimline cupboard beside the vanity unit to keep toiletries and various required things. If the space is still insufficient for you, you can keep a small trolley in the bathroom to keep additional toiletries, shampoos, conditioner, and many more.

small bathroom ideas on a budget

You can paint a red band on the white tiles of your bathroom to give it a modern look. If you are keeping a trolley in the bathroom, then choose a red color trolley. Keep towels and napkins in the bathroom and also in red color.

7. Use Tiles On The Walls And Floor Of The Bathroom

You can use dark tiles on the floor and lighter glossy ceramic tiles on the bathroom walls. Your bathroom will look bigger and more attractive in this way.

8. Make Use Of An Old Cabinet

Do you have old furniture with drawers? If yes, you can put it in your bathroom and place the washbasin above the furniture. It will, of course, require a little bit of plumbing and drilling work. You can keep napkins, towels, and other bathroom accessories inside the furniture’s drawers, giving a vintage and elegant look to your bathroom.

9.Invest In A Cheap Wallpaper

If you don’t have money to invest in glossy ceramic tiles, then you can use cheap wallpaper on your bathroom wall. It will give a stylish look to your bathroom.

10.Use Lot Of Mirrors

You can use mirrors in your small bathroom to make it look bigger. You are, of course, going to hang a mirror above the wash basin. But adding a mirror only near the washbasin will not serve the purpose. Try to fix a mirror on one of the entire walls of the bathroom. 

If the wall is opposite the window, your small bathroom will look larger because the mirror will bounce natural light. 

But if the wall-mounted mirror is not opposite to the window, then you need to think about something interesting which the mirror will be reflecting. The exciting things can be house plants, glossy tiles, and many more.

11.Use Lights

Your small bathroom can look modern and spacious if it’s appropriately lighted. The vanity area of your bathroom can look lighted and brighter if you use LED lighting on the mirror’s edges and a bulb just above the wash basin. You can do makeup and grooming better if your vanity area is adequately lighted.

Another great idea is to hang a chandelier just above the bathtub. It will give a luxurious look to your small bathroom.

12.Paint The Floors Of The Bathroom

Are you staying in an old house and you have a small bathroom? One great idea for modernizing your small bathroom is by painting the floors. There are various floor paints available in the market. You can choose any one of them and paint the floors. However, choose a light color so that your bathroom will look bigger.

13.Use Tiles in a Clever Way

You can use wall tiles in your small bathroom in a clever way. Use narrow tiles instead of square tiles on the bathroom’s walls. Your small bathroom will look bigger in that way.

Another great idea is to use white tiles on one side of the bathroom, including the vanity area and bathtub. It will give a gorgeous look to your small bathroom.

14. Hang A Large Art Work

Artwork or wall paintings are available in the market at affordable prices. You can choose large artwork and hang it on the walls of your small bathroom. Try to choose a bold color painting to give a modern look to your bathroom. Also, hang the painting so that the mirror in your vanity area can reflect it. It will look good in your small bathroom.

15.Invest On A Good Shower Curtain

You can use a good quality shower curtain in your small bathroom to give an elegant look.

16.Fix Floating Shelves

You can fix floating shelves in your small bathroom and keep indoor plants or artificial flower pots. Another great option is to keep some paint on the shelves to give them a nice look. 

17. Put White Paint On The Walls

Adding white paint to the walls of the small bathroom will make it look larger and brighter.

18. Add Wall Paper On The Ceiling

Adding wallpaper to your bathroom can make the space more cozy and relaxing. You can choose an attractive floral printed wallpaper and use it on the walls and ceiling of your bathroom. 

Try to select the vanity area wall for sticking the wallpaper. Stick the wallpaper so that it should reflect in the mirror. It gives a gorgeous look to your small bathroom.

19.Use Pattern Tiles On Vanity Area

You can use pattern tiles only on the vanity area of your small bathroom. In this way, it will be a focal point and give a beautiful look to your bathroom.

20.Select Earthy Options

People usually use marble or tiles in their bathrooms. But unfortunately, they are expensive. But don’t worry; you can choose earthy options like red stone or grey stone for your small bathroom to give a wow look. It even naturally helps cool your bathroom and provides a warm, inviting atmosphere.

21. Keep Some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are inexpensive and one of the best bathroom accessories to give a wow look to your small bathroom. You can buy some indoor plants like bonsai from a local nursery and plant them in ceramic pots. 

Keep the planters either in the vanity area or on the shelf. It will provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your small bathroom.

22. Make Modern By Using Natural Light

You can use natural light to modernize your small bathroom. Keep a window on your small bathroom and allow natural light to come to your bathroom. Keep some indoor plants near the window and use the window’s frames to keep various essential things.

23.Upper And Bottom Cabinets

You can have bottom and overhead cabinets in the vanity area for motre storage space. It will even look beautiful.

24. Use Warm Lights

A dark color painted walls with warm light on the ceiling create a bold and modern look on your small bathroom.

25.Combine Wood With Concrete

It’s not mandatory to make all the walls of your bathroom concrete. You can make one of the walls with wood to give a wow look to your small bathroom.

26.Combine Light And Dark Colors

Changing fittings or curtains is not always necessary to make your small bathroom look special. You can combine dark and light colors in your bathroom to look beautiful. For instance, you can paint one of the walls orange and all other walls to be slate blue.

27. Stone And Concrete

It’s not necessary to make all the walls of your bathroom concrete. You can combine stone and concrete to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere in your small bathroom.

28.Vastu Look

You can paint the walls lapis blue, especially in the vanity area. Keep the wash basin white in color and keep a banana plant nearby. It will give a Vastu look in your small bathroom.

29.Brick Walls And Pendant Lights

You make the walls of the bathroom to be made of brick. Hang pendant lights from the ceiling and allow them to reflect in a mirror placed above the wash basin. It will give a wow look to your small bathroom.

30. Add Wooden Decor Elements 

You can paint the walls of the white bathroom color and keep all the wooden decor elements like a wooden table, wooden ladder, and wooden shelf and keep some decor items and indoor plants on it. It will look beautiful.


We have discussed above some of the best small bathroom ideas on a budget. You can choose any of the above ideas and implement them in your small bathroom.

FAQ : 30 Modern Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

Q1.What is the cheapest way to remodel your small bathroom?

Ans : -Select wall art wisely
-Keep some indoor plants
-Reorganize your bathroom.

Q2. How can I make my bathroom look expensive on a budget?

Ans: You can paint the walls white color. Use linens, curtains, and napkins to be white to give a hotel-like feeling. You can also have white and lower cabinets in the vanity area, which can also be white.

Q3.What is the smallest bathroom I can build?

Ans: The smallest bathroom can be 15 square feet, with only a sink and toilet. But if you want to include a bathtub and shower, your bathroom should be at least 30 -35 square feet.

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