7 DIY Guide On How To Remove Paint From Metal : Easy And Simple

You have been looking at the paint-faded metallic chair on the patio and various other metallic items at home for a few weeks and finally decided to repaint or replace them with a new one. You are leaning towards repainting but wondering how to remove paint from metal.

Fortunately, there are various easy ways by which you can easily remove old paint from the metal and apply new paint. It will give metallic items a fresh and new look.

The article discusses different ways by which you can remove paint from metal easily at home. So, keep scrolling through this article to learn more about this information.

 How To Remove Paint From Metal : 7 Easy & Quick Steps 

We are discussing below a few easy methods on how to remove paint from metal.

1. Use Baking Soda Or Vinegar

Baking soda will work wonders in removing paint from metal. The best thing is baking soda is available in almost every house.

Take a pot and add 0.25 grams of baking soda for every quart of water. Allow the water and baking soda mixture to boil, and then add the metal piece to the pot. 

Allow the metal to boil for almost 15 -20 minutes. You will observe that the paint from the metal is cramping off.

Wear heat-protecting gloves and remove the metal from the pot using tongs. Take a putty knife and remove all the extra paint from the metal. It is a natural and easy way to remove the paint from the metal.

Vinegar is also another option for removing paint from metal. You need to replace vinegar instead of baking soda and follow the same procedure.

The above method is excellent for small metallic items like door hinges or metallic items on which paint accidentally spilled.

2. Apply Paint Stripper

Do you have a big metal piece and wonder how to remove paint from it? If yes, then a paint stripper is a good option. Big metal items cannot fit inside the pot. So, you cannot use baking soda or vinegar to remove paint.

You must follow the above procedure for removing paint from metal using a paint stripper.

  • Work Area Preparation 

You should work in a well-ventilated area. Additionally, prepare the work area by covering the ground with old clothes or newspapers so that chemicals will not make the floor dirt.

  • Wear Protective Gear

You should wear rubber gloves and goggle while applying the paint stripper on the metal surface. Additionally, wear long-sleeve pants and shirts so your skin will not be exposed to chemicals. Open the windows so that you will not inhale many chemicals.

  • Apply Paint Stripper

Now pour a small amount of paint stripper into a can. Take a disposable brush and apply it all over the metallic surface. Allow the paint stripper to sit on the metal item as per the instructions. It’s best to leave the paint stripper overnight. 

You will see bubbles on the metallic surface after applying the paint stripper on the metallic surface. It is a sign that the chemical is removing paint from the item.

  • Scrape Paint By Using Paint Scraper

Now scrape off paint from the metallic item by taking a paint stripper. You can use a nylon bush or a scrubber to remove the paint on the hard-to-reach area.

If all the paint from the item is not removed, first apply, then reapply the paint stripper on the metallic surface. Leave it for a few hours and then take a paint scraper and remove all the paint.

You have to reapply the procedure until the paint is removed entirely from the metallic surface.

  • Apply Mineral Spirits

Now take a cloth and pour a few drops of mineral spirits. Wipe the cloth on the whole area of the metallic item. The mineral spirits will help remove all the excess paint from the metal surface.

  • Rinse The Metal Item

Now take a damp cloth and wipe the metallic surface to remove all excess dust and dirt. Now you have a clean metallic surface, and it’s time to apply new paint.

3. Use Steamer

A steamer is another excellent way to remove paint from a metal surface.

Apply steam gently over the metal item. The metal will start to react with the steam after a few minutes. You need to raise the temperature slowly and apply the steam for almost 45-50 minutes.

The time is sufficient to remove the paint from the surface. Now take a paint scraper and remove all the excess paint. Your metal item is now thoroughly clean, and you can repaint it.

4. Use Chemicals

You can use concentrated hydrochloric acid and nitric acid to remove paint from the items. But you need to handle these acids with care while applying.

Additionally, ensure the type of paint is used on the metal surface. The metallic surface with oil and enamel paints can be easily removed using these acids.

Remember to apply only acid-concentrated solutions on hard paints like enamel and latex.

5. Use Ammonia Or Acetone

You can use acetone or ammonia to peel off the paint from the metal. Ammonia raises the PH value in contact with the metal; thus, the paint easily gets removed.

Try to wear gloves and a mask while applying chemicals. Some people can have severe allergies to being exposed to ammonia or acetone. So, take precautions accordingly or choose some other method to remove paint.

6. Heat Gun

Heat gun can be an effective way to remove paint from the metal. But, you need to be extra cautious while applying the heat gun because excess heat can bend the metal. So, try to operate the heat gun always at a low temperature.

The heat gun will heat off the paint and, thus, easily peel off and remove it from the surface. Now, scrape the extra paint by using a paint scraper. Take a damp cloth and wipe all the dirt and dust. Now the metal item is ready for application of the new item.

Only apply the new paint after using the heat gun. Allow the metal to cool completely, and then apply the new paint.

7. Use Angle Grinder

An angle grinder with a paint stripper disc is one of the easy methods for removing the paint from the metal item because the machine will do everything for you. But it is a bit noisy and produces a lot of dust.

An angle grinder is a powerful tool. So, you must wear all the protective gear, like goggles and gloves, while using an angle grinder. Additionally, choose the disc wisely; otherwise, it will damage the metal below the paint.

You can use a flap disc or wire wheel for the best results.

Tips To Remember While Removing Paint From The Metal Surface

  • Dispose of the chemicals in a safe place
  • Always use protective gear while removing paint from the metal
  • Work in a safe and ventilated space because certain chemicals may create allergies.
  • You should follow the instructions while applying any chemical on the metal surface.
  • Please avoid using a stiff brush or coarse sandpaper, as it can damage the metal.


Paint can fade with time on metal surfaces. So, you need to reapply the paint to give it a fresh look.

We have discussed how to remove paint on metal surfaces and hope these methods will help peel the paint from the metal. 

But try to always work in a well-ventilated space and wear all the protective gear like gloves, goggles, and full sleeves pants and shirt while working. These gears will protect you from harmful chemicals.

FAQ : How To Remove Paint From Metal : 7 Quick Steps 

Q1. Can I use sandpaper to remove paint from metal?

Ans : Yes, if you don’t have a budget to buy chemicals or don’t have an angle grinder, then you can use sandpaper to remove paint from the metal item. But it is a prolonged process, and you must make a lot of effort to remove the paint. But never use coarse sandpaper for removing paint.

Q2.  Does brake fluid remove paint?

Ans : Brake fluids that are not silicon-based can eat the paint on the metal surface. But all brake fluids are created similarly. So, some brake fluid will not affect the metal surface.

Q3. Does lemon juice remove paint?

Ans : Yes, lemon juice can remove paint. Mix one part of lemon juice with two parts of alcohol in a bowl or small glass. Then take a cotton ball, dab it over the solution, and apply it to the paint stains. Leave it for a few minutes, then take an old brush and rub it over the stain

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