How To Get Spray Paint Out Of Clothes : 11 Exciting Solutions

Spraying paint on your clothes is unpleasant, but achieving it isn’t easy. This is particularly true when you feel the wind pick upwards, or the color doesn’t flow out as it should. If you do end up with the paint spraying on your clothing, it might appear as if it’s possible to get it out. Even though spray paint is one of the most difficult things to get off of clothes, there are methods to how to get spray paint out of clothes.

Spray paint that’s still wet is more difficult to remove off clothes than dried spray. But, in both cases, you’ll need to treat the stain before washing it off. The paint’s condition, whether dry or wet, will determine your chosen products, but paint thinners and alcohol-based products will be most efficient.

Even if you have treated to remove the stain might not be able to get the spray paint completely off your clothing. If you apply certain of the products discussed in this article, it should be possible to take most of them out.

How to get spray paint out of clothes

Before I go over how to get spray paint out of clothes, we’ll discuss a few points. First, remember that spray paint applied dry is likely to be more difficult to remove than wet spray paint, which means you’ll need to work more to remove it. In addition, you may not be able to take it all off regardless of whether it’s damp.

The majority of spray paints are oil-based, but certain sprays are water-based. If you’re unsure, look at the label to determine whether it’s water- or oil-based. If not, read the back to determine what it states to wash the paint. Oil-based spray paints suggest applying paint thinners or mineral spirits to wash it up.

Here are the most effective and efficient ways how to get spray paint out of clothes without much effort

1. Blot the Excess Paint

If the paint you spray remains wet, you’ll be able to remove as much remaining paint as possible. This makes it easier for any product to dissolve the paint that’s already begun to adhere to the fibers.

When you are blotting out the paint, make sure you use a rag or cloth you are comfortable being able to paint since you’ll probably discard it later. Also, make certain not to scratch the stain as it will cause it to get worse or the paint to disperse. Once you’ve removed as much stain as possible, you’ll need to use another product to break down the remaining paint.

2.Scrape Off Excess Paint

If the paint spray is dry, the first step you’ll need to take is to check to see if it’s possible to scrape any paint off the fabric’s surface. Use a sharp edge like an ice cream knife to scrape off the paint gently. Don’t scrape too vigorously since it could cause damage to the fabric because of the paint pulling on the fibers.

If you can scrape a little from the painting, bear your eyes on the fact that you will not be able to get rid of all the paint that way. It’s only removing the paint off the surface, not the paint embedded in the fibers. You’ll need another product to remove dried paint off the fibers.

3.Dish Soap

If the stain of the spray paint remains wet and the paint is water-based, use dish soap to clean the paint off the surface. After blurring the stain, apply dish soap and gently scrub it with a scrub brush.

At a minimum, you should be able to get rid of a larger part of the paint’s top layer. But, depending on the size of the stain and how tightly it has been bonded to the fibers, you might need to apply another product to break the stain down to a lesser extent.


Vinegar is an efficient stain remover because of its acid. While it might not be the most efficient method to remove large stains from spray paint, it works well for removing small staining. Besides, you can use it to remove dry or wet spray paint, which can be used to remove water-based or oil-based paint.

How To Get Spray Paint Out Of Clothes

It is best to conduct an initial spot test to ensure that vinegar does not alter the color of the garment. For this, dip a swab of cotton in vinegar and then dab it onto an unnoticed area on the garment. It should sit for a while and then look for discoloration.

If you are sure that vinegar is safe on your clothes, you can saturate an unbleached cotton ball in vinegar after removing as much paint as possible. Apply the vinegar onto the stain until the color is saturated. Allow the vinegar to sit on the stain for approximately 15 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. If the stain remains, then try another solution.

5.Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is an effective stain-removing agent for wet spray paints, whether water-based or oil-based. It’s not as effective as dry spray paint, but you could certainly try it.

You’ll need to use rubbing Alcohol at least 90% or more to achieve the best results. It is possible to conduct the test on a single spot to ensure your safety, but, in general, the rubbing alcohol shouldn’t harm the clothing you wear if it is on it.

After scraping or blotting away as much paint as possible, you can soak the spray stain of paint in ruby alcohol and let it sit for at most 5 minutes if it remains wet. It can take longer if the paint has dried. Then, wash the Alcohol off with warm water and verify that the paint is gone.


WD-40 effectively removes paint from clothes, provided spray paints are oil-based and are wet. WD-40 has solvents and degreasers which help break down oily and sticky substances. However, it performs best when the substances are still moist. Therefore it won’t be efficient in removing dry spray paint.

After blotting out the paint, apply WD-40 to the paint’s surface and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Be sure only to spray the paint because WD-40 is a stain that can be left on clothes that can cause an additional stain to get rid of. But it may not be the right choice for everyone worried about the possibility of causing an additional stain.

After you have given the stain time to soak, wash the area in warm water with dish soap to remove the WD-40 and the paint. If the paint has been gone, but there remains a stain from the WD-40, then you’ll require an anti-wash stain treatment and heavy-duty laundry detergent to wash the stain off.


Turpentine is paint thinner. Thus it is among the most effective methods to take spray paint off clothing. It is most effective when oil-based spray paint, whether dry or wet. While Turpentine isn’t likely to leave any stain behind, it may also take the dye off clothes. It is recommended to apply it to lighter or white-colored clothes.

If you use Turpentine to remove spray paint, be sure to do it outdoors as the Turpentine is very strong in smell. It is also best to avoid putting Turpentine directly onto the clothes. Instead, soak a rag in Turpentine and apply it to the affected area. There is a chance that parts of the color begin to spill into the fabric.

Allow the paint to dry for 15 minutes before washing under warm water using some dish soap. You will likely see an increase in the amount of paint leaking through the water.

Note that Turpentine could create a smell on clothes even after removing the paint. To get rid of the smell of Turpentine, you’ll need to soak your clothes in a solution of vinegar and water for about two hours. Add approximately two cups of vinegar into the washing process when you wash your clothing.

8.Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirit is a different kind of paint thinner that can take off spray paint based on oil from clothing. But, it’s not as powerful as Turpentine and is more effective for fresh, spray paint staining than dry ones. But, just like turpentine spirits can strip certain colors of clothing and thus it is recommended to apply it on light or white clothes.

Mineral spirits can be used in the same manner as Turpentine. Put a cloth into mineral spirits and apply it to soak up the stain of paint. It is possible to feel some paint drip off onto the cloth.

Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes before washing in warm water and apply dish soap. If the smell of the mineral spirits remains, place it in a solution of water and vinegar for a few hours before washing.


Hairspray can be another choice to remove oil-based dry or wet spray paint from clothing. This is because hairspray is a source of Alcohol that can help break down the paint and remove it from the clothing. Like different application methods, it can cause staining to clothes; thus, ensure you test it in a safe area first on the garment and then apply it only to the paint stain.


Acetone is the principal chemical used to drop polish from nails. Thus it must also be effective in removing paint. It can be used to remove dry or wet oil-based paints because it functions similarly to paint thinner. It’s only matter of even though acetone won’t stain clothing, it may cause the breakdown of synthetic fibers, like polyester, which is why you should check it out on another fabric before you apply it to the fabric.

11.Wash and Dry

After applying any of the methods above to remove the spray paint from your clothes, you’ll be able to wash the clothing and get rid of most of the color. If your clothing can take it, then wash the garment in warm water on its own to ensure that the paint that comes out isn’t absorbed into your clothes.

It is possible to use regular laundry detergent. If you’ve utilized a product like WD-40, Turpentine, hairspray, mineral spirits, or you want to make use of a heavy-duty detergent to cut any smell or stain that was left in the wake of one of those products to how to get spray paint out of clothes.

If the stain isn’t coming out of the first wash, repeat the process and wash it a second time after drying. Don’t dry the clothes until you’ve eliminated as much stain as possible because the heat of drying the clothes could cause the stain to become even more solid.

If you’ve tried the washing and pretreatment process three or four times and the paint hasn’t come out, you might not be able to get it out. If that’s the case, a possible solution is to paint the stained area using a fabric pen or permanently marked. You can also use that particular shirt piece as a new painting shirt when you have to spray paint on something.

How to Remove Dried Spray Paint

The best method of removing the dried spray paint is applying paint thinner like Turpentine, mineral spirits, or even acetone after scraping away as much paint as possible. These products contain the most powerful chemicals breaking the bond between paint and fabric.

The potential dangers of using them are that they may be damaged, discolored, or create a stench on your clothes. Be cautious when using them due to this.

Coloration can be corrected using fabric dye or coloring the area using an odorless pen. They are typically removed with vinegar. If the chemical breaks down fibers, you might be unable to stop the destruction. Do not use these on fabrics that are delicate to avoid this. Always conduct a spot test before.

How to Avoid Spray Paint from getting on your clothing

If you’ve ever tried to remove spray paint from clothing, you would prefer not to go through the process again. Luckily, there are methods to keep spray paint from accumulating on your clothes the next time you apply paint.

The most effective method would be to put on a smock or old clothes that you wouldn’t like getting painted on, like an old shirt with an oil stain. This way, if the wind changes direction or there’s an issue in the spray paint container, the paint gets onto the smock or other clothes instead of your preferred shirt.

Another thing to do is to ensure that you do not spray yourself and that the can is pointed in the right way before spraying it. This may seem obvious; however, sometimes we get in a rush and don’t pay attention, especially when trying to accomplish a task quickly.

Be sure you shake the container frequently to ensure the paint dries properly. Spray the paint in short bursts rather than long streams. Apply the paint from a distance to keep it from splashing on the surface. Also, allow your spray painting project ample time to dry before you touch it you can know more about the how to get spray paint out of clothes.

FAQ : How To Get Spray Paint Out Of Clothes

Q1. How to Get Rid Of Acrylic Paint

Ans : The process of how to remove paint from apparel goes like this:
·        Start by flushing the discolored area with warm water, after that carefully sponge it with a blend of one component meal soap as well as one part cozy water.
·        Repeat this procedure till the stain is gone, after that rinse and also launder as you generally would.

Q2. Exactly how to obtain dried out spray paint off garments

Ans : Spray paint stains on garments appearance so frightening that you might be resigned to throwing the stuff out without even trying to clean them; but luckily, there are ways to get rid of spray paint from clothes depending on the sort of paint as well as material.

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