10 Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror : Simple Way !

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror Before you get carried away, remember that lighting the mirror (and hence the basin/vanity) is only one aspect of creating a successful bathroom lighting system. This is like the way you would think about your living room lighting. It is worth considering task lighting, which can be used for shaving and makeup, and ambient lighting that creates a relaxing ambiance. A motion sensor activates a nightlight to provide safety for family members.

Bathroom Over Mirror Lighting Ideas

Here are some amazing bathroom lighting ideas over mirror that will help you to choose how to best lighten your bathroom’s mirror ideas. But, there are some practical things you need to keep in mind. Here are some expert tips on safety compliance, positioning brightness levels, and installation. Also, you will find plenty of design inspiration and dreamy ideas.

1. Customize pendants

Multi-wire spider pendants are a great way to add industrial design flair to small cooking areas. These pendants can also be used to create a bathroom look. Simply place the ceiling rose, which can be offset to make it look more modern. Then loop each cable onto hooks and adjust the height to your liking.

Be sure to adhere to the Building Regulation’s Zone 2 safety ratings. Pendants should be at least 60 cm away from the bath or basin taps. For protection against moisture, lighting fittings within Zone 2 should be IP44 rated.

Multi-wire spider pendants let you position the light source precisely where it is needed. You can also add some personal flair to your bathroom with light shades or colored Flex. You can either make a statement or add to decor the bathroom lighting ideas over mirror.

2. Lights can be attached directly to the mirror

The simple installation of wall lights on a simple panel made from mirrored glass creates a stylish, modern look for modern bath ideas. Mirrored glass can reflect the style of a wall light, which doubles its design appeal. You should look for fittings with sculptural forms, such as Original BTC’s Hector range.


You will need to make holes in your mirror to achieve this look with bathroom lighting ideas over mirror. First, have your electrician place the lighting cables. Make sure you measure every position to ensure they fit in the right place. Ask your local glass company to make a template. You could also do it on graph paper. Once again, take careful measurements and send them the template. The electrician should ensure that rubber washers are used when fitting the light fitting. This will prevent damage to the glass.

3. Accessory fittings

Period homes did not have electric lighting or indoor bathrooms. But, fortunately, there are heaps of generally roused plans that will feel true in more established properties. Good choices include light fittings that have ball joints or sconce-like shapes. The Victorian Emporium is one example.

Opaline shades emit a retro vibe and can give surroundings a brightening when the elevated lights are off. You should get your electrician to wire them on separate circuits, so they can each be switched separately.

4. Spread the light

While double basins that look like a man and woman are smart in bathrooms intended for sharing can be a clever idea, they can also confuse when it is time to light two mirrors. It’s tempting to view them as separate entities and light each one separately. But, this could result in a bathroom lit up as Blackpool Illuminations.

Ian Cameron is the creative director of Empty State’s lighting brand. You can use this as a wall light or a trio of statement pendant lights.

5. You can create the illusion that you are at the height

If you have a bathroom with low or sloped ceilings (e.g. loft or dormer), it is possible to position task lights higher than the mirror. This effectively extends the wash area design.

Keep your ceiling as close as you can while still being able to tell the difference between wall lighting and main ceiling fixtures. For a cohesive look, make sure to use the same lighting range for all fittings. These compact wall lights are hidden above the large mirror in this loft en suite. This draws the eye upwards and makes the space feel bigger.

6. Get a mirror with built-in lighting

Illuminated Mirrors include LEDs integrated into them, making them a simple design solution. The installation of illuminated mirrors is simple. They can be connected by qualified electricians to your regular lighting circuit. You will find adjustable brackets with plenty of cabling that makes it easy to position the mirrors precisely. More features to look out for include an integral de-misting pad, shaver sockets, or Bluetooth-connected speaker.

Trinity Owe from Victorian Plumbing states, “Bathroom Mirrors with integrated Lighting not only provide great lighting for looking in your reflection but also help to counter the glare that can sometimes be reflected when you install separate lights,” (opens a new tab). You can illuminate the entire perimeter of the mirror with LEDs.

7. You can retro-fit your look with pendants

Mirror lighting in a major renovation is not a problem. You can install new wiring before the walls are plastered. You don’t need to run wires through walls that are plastered. An in-wall installation can prove difficult for any reason. You can hang pendants from your ceiling, next to the mirror, to act as wall lighting,’ suggests for bathroom lighting ideas over mirror.

Assuming there is enough space in the loft above, it is easier to install new lighting through ceilings than by drilling holes. There will probably be lighting cables that can be connected to the ceiling by your electrician. David states that pendants used in this way can be a stylish option, creating a stunning aesthetic that frames your mirror.

8. Make lighting a key part of your furniture

Many bathroom furniture collections have built-in lighting that can be positioned above the mirror. You can integrate downlights into your bathroom furniture collection. They can be used with the main bathroom light switch as well as separately using a pull cord.

You should look for furniture that incorporates LED downlights to save energy. Choose lamps. Select a color temperature that best suits your needs. Use lamps rated between 4800 – 5000K to apply makeup. These are the most suitable for natural, day-lit results. If you want to achieve a healthy glow, go for 2700K.

Avoid LEDs that are colder than 5000K. These will make your skin appear sickly, regardless of how much blush or color you put Modern bathroom lighting ideas over mirror.

9. Install wall lights on either side of your mirror

You don’t have to place lights above the mirror. As long as they are not too close, it is okay. When you lean in, this ensures that you are not overshadowing the mirror with your head. Side mirrors are the best way to illuminate your face.

Sally Storey (creative director, John Cullen Lamp) says, “Task lighting in the bathroom basin area is all about the lighting for the face.” Two wall lights, one on each side of the mirror, are the best solution. This allows for the proper side light, which will balance the face.

10. Splash out on designer lighting

Light-fitting designs that are timeless have become iconic. It is a wise investment that will last many years. Additionally, you can always bring expensive light fittings along with you if you move. Flos is a designer brand known for its timeless lighting. Louis Poulsen and Artemide are two examples.

Spending a little more may not be as costly as you think. One designer fitting can be a great investment. The compact cloakroom’s mirror is illuminated with a single IC lighting, designed by Michael Anastassiades and Flos. Its design is strong enough to make an impact on its own.

Do you need lights above your mirror in the bathroom?

Bathroom mirrors enjoy task lighting. It depends on what purpose you’re using the mirror for. Family bathroom ideas are where the mirror can be used to quickly check for clean teeth or spot any other issues like a broken tooth. The lights can be placed above, below, or around the mirror.

If you are using the mirror to do close-up tasks like shaving, applying makeup, or plucking brows then good results will be achieved. The lights should be placed on each side of the mirror at about eye level. There is also an option to have the light above with the bathroom lighting ideas over mirror.

FAQ : Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror

Q1. How high should vanity limits be above a mirror?

Ans : If possible, vanity fixtures should be mounted above the mirror at a distance of approximately 78″. Vanity fixtures mounted to either side of the mirror should be at a distance of 60 inches from floor. For this style, lights should be placed 28 inches apart. A different lighting method may be used if your mirror’s size or an architectural feature such as a window, attractive tiling or a window, does not allow for optimal mounting.

Q2. How to DIY LED Light Strips For Mirror

Ans : First, consider whether the installation is in a bedroom or a humid space such as a bath. It is important to choose waterproof LED strips if installing it in the bathroom. If you’re installing it in a bathroom, however, you don’t need to worry about this aspect. This will allow you to save money.

Q3. What’s the maximum size of an LED mirror?

Ans : The maximum length of the LED Mirror is approximately 3 m. The maximum width is approximately 2 m.

Q4. What is its thickness? How thick is the mirror?

Ans : Thickness of the Mirror 25 mm. Distance from the wall – 20 mm

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