20+ Modern Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas : Complete Guide

We always consider decorating our living room, bedroom, and kitchen and neglect the bathroom. But the bathroom is an important place where you freshen up in the early morning and get ready for the office. Additionally, it relaxes your body and mind after a tiring day. If you add a good lighting source in the bathroom, then it can not only look modern but also helps in soothing your body and mind.

The article discusses bathroom ceiling lighting ideas. So, keep reading this article to know more about bathroom ceiling lighting ideas you can implement in your home to give a wow look.

What Are The 20 Best Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas You Can Incorporate In Your Home?

1.Vintage look

You can hang a glass pendant light against a dark color wall. It will look great, especially if your bathroom don’t have much space. The glass can be clear or opal and have chrome fish to give your bathroom a modern and vintage look.

2.Rattan Pendant

A rattan pendant light hanging from the ceiling can create a soft glow in your bathroom. Rattan is not only great in its texture but also environmentally friendly. It will give a modern touch to your bathroom.

3.Flush Pendant

If your bathroom is small, then you can use a flush pendant to enhance the look of your bathroom. Use a flush pendant of brass material, as it will fog up easily, even in a steamy shower. Choose the finishing according to the fittings used in your bathroom.

4. Black Box Pendant On Marble Bathroom

If one wall of your bathroom comprises marble, you can hang a black box pendant light to add energy to the space.

5. Hang Cluster Of Pendant Lights

Selective lighting is essential in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. If you want o get ready for the office in the early morning, your bathroom needs an adequate amount of light.

You can hang a cluster of pendant lights just above the bathtub to enjoy a relaxing bath both in the morning and evening.

6. LED Bulbs

If you want to keep your bathroom simple, elegant, and stylish, fit LED bulbs on the ceiling. It will not only make your bathroom light but also consume less energy.

bathroom ceiling lighting ideas

7. Add Multicolor Lamps

You can hang some multicolor lamps in your bathroom to give a heaven-like touch. Various multicolored lamps are available in the market, like red, green, and blue. Your bathroom will have different color layers, and you will feel fantastic while freshening up in the early morning.

8. Hang Tear Drop Glass Pendant

You can hang a teardrop glass pendant above the bathtub to give your white-painted wall bathroom a classy look.

9.Hang A White Pendant Light

You can hang a spherical white pendant light by pairing it with a dark green wall and bathtub. The pendant can be made from opal glass and bone china, and the white light from the pendant can give a sophisticated look to your bathroom. Lay a white and brown rug on the floor. You can keep one to two indoor plants to freshen up your mood.

10. Add A Chandelier

You can hang a chandelier just above your bathtub. Chandeliers will not brighten your bathroom but also give a luxurious look to your bathroom. So, if you have a small bathroom, hang a chandelier to provide a modern touch to your bathroom.

For instance, if your bathroom has white walls and a white bathtub, you can hang a brass chandelier just above the bathtub. It will create a wow look in your bathroom.

11.Low Light Level Above The Shower

Lightning is quite essential in your bathroom. So, always ensure that your bathroom is sufficiently lighted, mainly on the vanity for makeup and grooming. But you also need to give importance to the floor of the bathroom. The floor should also be adequately lighted and mainly just under the shower. You can use a low-level light just above the shower to be useful mainly at night.

12. Add Light On Vanity Area

You can groom or do makeup properly in the vanity area when it is adequately lighted.

You need to add LED downlights on the vanity area to lighten your bathroom’s basin. The white wall light will provide sideways of the mirror, and thus the vanity area will look brighter. 

13.Brass Pendant Light In White And Blue Bathroom

White and blue are the perfect colors for the bathroom. You can keep the bathtub completely white. The floor can be made of blue penny tiles. You can hang a brass pendant light above the wash basin and an LED downlight above the bathtub.

14 Brass And Glass Faceted Pendant Light

You can hang a brass and glass faceted pendant light just above the brush basin to give a gorgeous look to your bathroom. Keep the walls white and place the mirror should be just behind the brass and glass faceted pendant light.

15.Hang Pearl Light Chandelier

You can hang a pearl light chandelier just above the bathtub. The soft diffuse light of the chandelier will create a romantic space in your bathroom.

16.Hang Glass Star Pendant Light

You can have white subway tiles in your bathroom with a classic claw foot tub. Hang a glass star pendant light just above the foot tub to create a gorgeous look in your bathroom.

17.Hang Two Chandeliers

You can hang two modern chandeliers in your bathroom to brighten the white walls, white marble counter, and white tiles on the floor.

18.Hang Fluted Fabric Pendant

You can hang a flute fabric pendant between the wash basin and the bathtub. Keep the walls and floor white. The light from the pendant will create a relaxing effect in your bathroom.

19.Three Different flights On Farmhouse Bathroom

Your farmhouse bathroom can look bright and modern with three different lights—the ceiling lights aid in brightening the entire space. You can hang glass pendant lights just above the two wash basins. The extra light near the basin will be helpful in grooming, shaving, makeup, and many more.

20.Hang A Vintage Pendant Light

Bathroom lights should not be restricted to spotlights, LED lights, or modern chandeliers. You can hang a vintage pendant light in your bathroom to create a vintage look.


A well-lighted bathroom will appear clean, bigger and more inviting atmosphere. The lighting system is a part of the bathroom, and ideal lighting depends on various factors like size, location, the purpose of the bathroom, and many others. We have discussed above some of the best bathroom ceiling lighting ideas. You can implement the above ideas to create a wow look in your bathroom.

FAQ : 20+ Modern Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Q1. Are LED lights OK for a bathroom?

Ans : The US department of energy says that LED lights can last for 25,000 hours which is relatively high compared to a traditional electric bulb. So, it’s best to install LED lights.

Q2. Which lights can be used in the bathroom?

Ans : If you have a high-ceiling bathroom, you need to hang chandeliers or pendants to give a modern look to your bathroom. But you need to add them carefully and in the correct place so that they will match with other light sources in your bathroom.

Q3.  How bright should my bathroom light be?

Ans : According to The International Engineering Society Lighting Handbook, 20 to 50 lumen of light in one square foot is sufficient in a bathroom.

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